With 20+ years of experience in the fitness, wellness, and lifestyle markets- we have seen some serious evolution ALONGSIDE some a deep need for responsible marketing and branding.

Social media, media, and digital influence consumption are at all time highs, impacting our youth younger and younger. We believe in people and we know that great people make great companies, products, servies, and missions. It’s more than business to us, it’s about doing our part to help spread the gospel of varsity humans and their companies the right way. We specifically work with mission driven companies, highlighting equality, sustainability, clean eating, and many other “do the right thing” specific initiatives as the world and the consumers level up and expect more from who they are purchasing or consuming from… as they should! We are here to help those companies get to the next level and share their greatness with the world.

One partnership at a time we can do our share of contribution in making this world a better place- offering more, better, concious options to live your best life.


KO 🙂