+Digital & In Person Activations

+Short and long term strategies

+1 hour consultations and 12 month contracts

+Large events or social media marketing

Athletes. Companies. Influencers. Impact.


We are the one stop shop to handle your business marketing and branding goals soup to nuts- in a cost and time effective fashion.

KO Alliance has been entrusted by the fitness, wellness, creative, and lifestyle industry’s leading brands, from grassroot initiatives to large scale national and international marketing campaigns. Each partnership is customized and tailored to the brands needs as well as being authentic to the fitness, wellness, and lifestyle communities.

Specializing in:

+Social media and digital strategy

+Cross company marketing and branding, building brand awareness and local/international stamp

+Strategic partnerships: influencers, brand ambassadors, sponsors

+Event activation

+Mission driven companies, initiatives, and nonprofits/501c3’s

Current And Past Clients: