Paul Spencer

From: England
Currently: Denver Colorado
Professionally:  Assistant Chief of Race Audi Birds of Prey World Cup Men’s Ski Downhill;
Chief of Race for Winter Ski Events at Beaver Creek
Sports: endurance cycling, skiing, running, SUP, hiking, kite surfing, sky diving
Philosophy: Anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

Paul ‘s approach to life is that nothing is impossible if you work hard and are determined. This applies to his daily life as well as the more extreme challenges he sets himself.

He has now completed numerous endurance events in four different continents, some organized, some supported and some solo, setting three Guinness World Records in North America and Europe along the way.

“If it is not difficult then it’s not a challenge.” However, not all challenges are achievable first time. Sometimes you have to restructure and start again. Weakened by malaria when racing from Cairo to Cape Town Paul declared “ Now I know how Marie feels.” His sister, Marie, suffers from lupus and continues to be an inspiration for Paul.

Paul’s ultimate challenge? To pedal around the world.

(Paul raises money for the Lupus Foundation of America and Lupus UK when he rides)

Notable Achievements:

World’s longest cycle race – Cairo to Cape Town (finished 6th)
Trans Am Race (7th)
Colorado Trail Race (top ten)
Arizona Trail Race (top ten)
Hoodoo 500 (first)
24 Hours in the Canyon (first)
Three Guinness World Records:
• Fastest Cycle across North America – North/ South and East/West
• Fastest Cycle across Europe North/South (Nordkapp, Norway to Tarifa, Spain)
• Fastest Cycle across Europe East/West ( Ufa, Russia to Cabo da Roca , Lisbon)