The Compete Honorably Pledge was created to empower the competitor in all of us. We are inevitably responsible for all our actions and choices. Its a reminder that it’s not just about competing, but how we compete. It’s a pledge to the game, it’s a pledge to our fellow competitors and coaches, its a pledge to ourselves. It’s a great, simple way to keep ourselves in check:)


The Pledge to Compete Honorably

Compete: To strive against another or others to attain a goal, such as an advantage or a victory

Honor: Honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions; a source of credit or distinction

Competing Honorably: Striving against others to attain a goal, while exhibiting honesty, fairness, and integrity through one’s choices and actions

The Pledge: 

I, ____________________, pledge to compete honorably in athletics, education, and as a professional. I pledge to be the best that I can be through my everyday choices and actions on and off the field. I pledge to have a consistent awareness of the opportunity to become a better person. I choose to acknowledge failure and learn from it. I choose to exude positivity because I want to, not because I have to. I recognize a coach’s time and efforts are fundamental in the process of becoming a better competitor and person. I appreciate my training space and every arena of competition. I respect and honor all opponents, because without them there is nothing for the true competitor to thrive off of. Sportsmanship is my highest priority.

In action, I am aware of reaction. In moments of weakness, I prove my strength. In moments of pressure, I realize my true character. I am entitled only to what I have earned. I recognize that it is a privilege to train and compete. I take sole responsibility for my actions. Regardless of potential influence from others (parents, coaches, friends, teammates, family), I know that I have the power to make the righteous choice and act accordingly. I pledge to compete honorably. 

Compete. Honor. Inspire. 

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