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Influencer and Brand Ambassador Resources:

Podfest Origins Case Study Speaker: Kristen Olson on Building Brand Ambassador Teams

Build Your Influencer/Brand Ambassador Team Now!

Check out our full, in detail how-to build a custom influencer/brand ambassador team digital online course now. This will give you all the tools and a step by step, play by play process to create, establish, or formalize an influencer/brand ambassador team now.


Sample Forms Below (for your ambassadors):

Social Media Guidelines:

Send this to each ambassador so they know how to correctly use their social media for your brand.

Photoshoot Agenda and Details Sample Form:

Use this when booking a photo shoot for your ambassador. Add all necessary details and submit this to each ambassador, the photographer, the venue, and anyone else that will be involved in the shoot.

Initial Brand Ambassador Invitation Letter Sample:

This is to inform them that they are a fit for your team, some info about your company and an opportunity to get their address/contact info to seed them with product to try and ensure they are authentic endorsers.