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Kristen M. Olson

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•Certified Coach
•Former Top 20, D1 athlete, 2x Captain
•5x CrossFit Games Athlete, Team 2nd place 2011
•18+ years of coaching mission driven humans
•Current podcaster, Turmeric & Tequila™

Certificate of Completion:



CRG LEADER: Assessments and Learning Solutions

Values Preference Indicator (core values assessment):


The VPI is one way of looking at your values and only part of a holistic personal or professional development plan. We acknowledge that the VPI values list is a good place to start and that other values not represented in this instrument can and will be important to you.

Note: There is a full VPI eCourse (which includes the VPI assessment) available to take you on a full development journey and deep understanding of yourself and others.

The VPI can assist you to do the following:

  • Determine your personal and professional values preferences
  • Provide a process to help you prioritize your values
  • Confirm that what you THINK are your most important values really reflect what you actually value
  • Understand how all your interpersonal relationships are affected by your top values
  • Design a work/career life that best reflects your values and needs
  • Outline a development plan to better align your life with the needs of your values
  • Create a roadmap to help you make values-based decisions
  • Make more intentional life choices
  • Establish where you can increase your fulfillment and purpose in life
  • Reduce conflict and increase harmony as others become aware of the needs and wants of your top values
  • Accept others more easily as you recognize the different needs of others’ values
  • Increase your overall confidence and clarity in all areas of your life

Use the VPI to:

  • Prioritize Your Values
  • Intentionally Design a Positive Work/Career Life
  • Build a Life That is Congruent With Your Values
  • Increase Individual and Team Performance
  • Reduce Stress
  • Improve Decision Making
  • Make The Right Decision Every-Time!

Who can benefit:

  • Everyone—No Exceptions!


Women In Construction- Barton Supply 2024



Podcast: Turmeric & Tequila

Lacrosse: Colorado Rising Stars Lacrosse


Red Bull Wings For Life

The CrossFit Games

Influencer and Brand Ambassador Resources:

Podfest Origins Case Study Speaker: Kristen Olson on Building Brand Ambassador Teams

Build Your Influencer/Brand Ambassador Team Now!

Check out our full, in detail how-to build a custom influencer/brand ambassador team digital online course now. This will give you all the tools and a step by step, play by play process to create, establish, or formalize an influencer/brand ambassador team now.


Sample Forms Below (for your ambassadors):

Social Media Guidelines:

Send this to each ambassador so they know how to correctly use their social media for your brand.

Photoshoot Agenda and Details Sample Form:

Use this when booking a photo shoot for your ambassador. Add all necessary details and submit this to each ambassador, the photographer, the venue, and anyone else that will be involved in the shoot.

Initial Brand Ambassador Invitation Letter Sample:

This is to inform them that they are a fit for your team, some info about your company and an opportunity to get their address/contact info to seed them with product to try and ensure they are authentic endorsers.