As a lifelong team athlete, passionate creative, and true believer in living a healthy lifestyle, the KO Alliance mission is to strategically align fitness, wellness, creative, and lifestyle forces (brands) with zealots to further spread the gospel of fitness, wellness, and lifestyle .

The KO Story:

As a professional within the fitness (an fashion) business arena and a high level competitive CrossFit athlete , I recognized a gap and lack of productive, professional strategic partnerships.

This is a huge market with massive upside and is lead by a small tight group of influencers.  To gain entry to this fickle market a brand requires a well thought out strategy.  With powerful partnerships, the fitness/creative passion spreads.  Working together (brands and fitness/creative enthusiasts) everyone can achieve top results.

KO Alliance, LLC in a nutshell:

Culture. Companies. Influencers. Impact.


KO Alliance strategically aligns, partners, builds, and activates brands into the fitness, wellness, creative, and lifestyle spaces, creating mutually beneficial relationships for athletes, gyms, and companies at large. We focus on mission driven businesses and humans.

If you are looking to establish or share your company, brand, mission, message, or voice- strategically and authentically, reach out to us!

The KO Alliance, LLC Team:

The KO Alliance is a dream team of exceptional human beings.  They are experts in their respective sports that lead with their heads and minds.  These trail blazers were hand picked for these amazing qualities.  This team can positively influence the local, national and global fitness consumer.  They love spreading the gospel of fitness, wellness, creative, and lifestyle.

We are the one stop shop to handle your business marketing and branding goals soup to nuts- in a cost and time effective fashion.