KO Alliance, LLC in a nutshell:

Culture. Companies. Influencers. Impact.


KO Alliance strategically aligns, partners, builds, and activates brands into the fitness, wellness, creative, and lifestyle spaces, creating mutually beneficial relationships for mission driven humans and companies at large. Activations, events, influencers, campaigns, and everything in between. Specialize in niche specific markets: fitness (HIIT), lifestyle, fashion, creative (music, art, dance, performance), society & culture. Proven track record of success, working with some of the brightest startups and established big name, brand giants. Bands come to us to activate the right way with the right people.  

If you are looking to establish or share your company, brand, mission, message, or voice- strategically and authentically, reach out to us!

Kristen M. Olson

Seasoned Marketing Management & Brand Development Professional

Culture Marketing | Strategic Partnership | Strategic Planning

Highly skilled and passion-driven professional with demonstrated success and progressive growth in leading fundraising efforts, organizing and managing large-scale events, as well as acquiring artists while scaling large and small events. Champion at human relations, fashion & creative, organization management, and relationship management. Instrumental in managing strategic partnerships, marketing, and branding efforts, identifying culture marketing opportunities, developing potential culture activations, and leading activation strategy. Success in designing and launching marketing campaigns leading to increased audience growth rate by 15%. Excel at identifying regional artists and opinion leaders to boost culture plans, executing culture marketing business plans, managing event ticketing plans, achieving media outcomes and building high-performing teams.

Areas of Expertise

Marketing Planning & Collaboration | Business Planning | Culture Activations

Digital & Integrated Marketing Strategies | Culture Expert | Market Trend Analysis  

Large-Scale Event Execution | Social Innovation | Media Buying | Brand Planning & Execution

Digital & Social Media Landscape | Coaching & Mentoring | People Management | Brand Relevance

Artist & Influencer Acquisition | Brand Experience Management | Lifestyle & Culture-based Marketing

Collaborative Project Management | Brainstorming | Budget Management | Marketing Communications

Traditional & Non-traditional Brand Marketing Strategies | Event Production | Culture Trend & Scene Identification

KO Alliance, LLC is the one stop shop to handle your business marketing and branding goals soup to nuts- in a cost and time effective fashion.