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We are beyond excited to be bringing Red Bull’s Annual Wings For Life World Run to Denver! Wings For Life is Red Bull’s 501c3 (non-profit), funding research for a cure for spinal cord injuries. Every dollar that comes in for this race goes directly to the cause- every dollar! It is our (KO Alliance Team) mission to put Colorado on the map for this race with one of the largest teams racing and most funds coming in. With two of our long time sports and fitness family members/hero’s directly impacted by spinal cord injury, Kevin Ogar and Amy Van Dyken, we want to show up! I invite you to share this race with your entire community/ gym and engage in the training prior and the race the day of!


All details and communication are on the KOA FB page (under events)- updates, info, details. We are working to not only fund the WFL cause, but further build an online community during these crazy times that can support our local CF affiliates, small business, fellow charities, and more. KOA will be doing a pay it forward registration where we pay for as many racers as we can in hope that they pay for someone else- staring with small business owners! This is an awesome opportunity to engage with you fitness family and embrace something that is NOT canceled, for a great cause, and fun!!

The Race:

The Wings for Life World Run is a global race where people from all over the planet begin running at the same time, on the same day. Where they stop is up to them. This year we are bringing this race to Denver and with nothing more than your smart phone and a desire to move you can help Wings for Life find a cure for spinal cord paralysis. On May 3rd we will gather digitally (via the WLF App) and the race will start at 5am MST, eventually a virtual “Catcher Car” will leave the start line from where you started! When the Catcher Car passes you, your race is over, and the distance you achieved appears on the Global Results List. Everything you’re doing is for a good cause because 100% of your entry fees and donations goes directly to research toward a cure for spinal cord injury.

Who: Anyone!
What: Race benefitting Wings For Life

Cost: $23/per racer ($23 goes to charity)
Where: Digitally (Register in WLF App- Run outside, on treadmill, wherever!)
When: 5.3.2020, 5am
Why: It is our mission to bring the Colorado fitness community together on behalf of a great cause!


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