Sara Elizabeth Timmins

From: Warren, Ohio

Currently: Virginia, via LA

Education: BA from Xavier University

Professionally: Life Out Loud Films, Founder/Creative Director/Producer


Purpose: My purpose is to inspire by being inspired every day.  I believe in living  authentically and sharing my gifts to inspire others to reach their full potential and purpose.

I do this through the films I produce, the clients I consult & coach, and the audiences I speak with. I am passionate about championing and mentoring young women and was a professional motivational speaker for high school and college students for 10 years.

Message: DARE  to live life out loud. Dream- Act-Risk- Embrace. Everything starts with a DREAM, which becomes nothing if you don’t ACT. You must be willing to take RISKs in spite of fear and learn to EMBRACE every moment along the way.

Every day is a gift so follow your passion and connect with others authentically.

Body, Mind & Soul:  I believe the balance of these three is essential for success in anything we do, so I work daily to challenge myself to be my best. From my current P90x fitness addiction to my mindful yoga, from my days of teaching fitness to evenings of trying new healthy recipes, to  beautiful hikes in the mountains to calming runs on the beach, to days playing with my nieces and god-daugher to evening glasses of wine. Balance and Inspiration.