Rachel Ragsdale, MA, LPC
From: Denver, CO
Currently: Lonetree, CO
Professionally: Co Founder of NeuraPerformance Brain Center, Licensed Professional Counselor, Neurotherapist
Purpose: We can each discover true healing and life transformation through brain training.
Bio:Rachel Ragsdale is a licensed professional counselor and neurofeedback therapist. She holds her Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary and her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Baylor University. Her clinical experience spans issues from anxiety, depression, and trauma, to peak performance and concussion recovery. She has experience working with clients of all ages and demographics.
Rachel conducts brain mapping and neurofeedback, identifying areas of the brain that are over or under functioning and using neurofeedback to change brain waves, ultimately changing peoples lives. She is passionate about walking alongside her clients to help them find freedom and life transformation through her work. She uses tailored approaches to address clients’ root issues in order to facilitate effective change and growth. She has helped countless clients create better functioning brains; restoring their hope and establishing a new, better way of living.
Rachel loves spending time with her dog and her family. She is an avid golfer, adrenaline junky, and she loves everything the outdoors has to offer!