Marquece Cunningham

Marquece Cunningham

From: Denver, CO

Currently: Denver, CO

Education: BA in Communications from Metro State University

Professionally: Founder of SoPivot Media and Marketing Director for Cappello’s

Purpose: To strategically design and grow a strong digital footprint for brands and influiencers to help spread their messaging to like-minded consumers.

Bio: Marquece Cunningham got his start in marketing in the early 2000’s. Alongside like-minded entrepreneurs, Marquece was able to be a sponge and be part of an environment that he still praises as his “college years”, but really serve as his foundation in the marketing world. A self-taught designer and developer, Marquece has experience working with clients on different ends of the spectrum. A proactive marketing strategy is a tactic he utilizes to assist in the retention of customers that are already speaking about your product, they just don’t know it yet. After years of working in the marketing field, Marquece decided to start his own company, SoPivot Media, which has taken off faster than he anticipated. Now some of his clients and partnerships include KO Alliance, 2018 Olympic Hopeful Lauren Gibbs, startup/investor panel Flash Pitch NYC, and Buti Yoga founder and millennial influencer, Bizzie Gold. You can typically catch Marquece working in a coffee shop on weekend nights or at the movie theater at odd hours of the day!