Madeline Berky

From: Aspen, CO

Currently: Denver, CO

Education: Williams College (Rowing), Bauman College.

Professionally: Owner, Mad Wellness

Sports: CrossFit, Rowing



  • Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Holistic Nutrition Educator through Bauman College
  • Part time CF coach (full time yeller – loudness is one of my favorite traits) at Crossfit Verve in Denver, CO
  • Owner of Elevation Rowing
  • Paleo cooker, baker, & eater

Finding what it is that makes you powerful is not singular. Because you are not singular. You are interesting, and multifaceted, and complicated, and fierce. Just as we are not simply the reflection we see each day in the mirror, our health is not merely the food on our plate, the work we do in the gym, OR the thoughts running through our heads. A complete picture of our health must include all of those components. That’s where the layout of this site comes to play: mind, body, plate.

Mad Wellness: