Jodi Miller 

From: Brooklyn, NY

Currently: Denver, CO

Education: SUNY Albany, College of St. Rose (Graduate)

Professionally: Owner, Front Range CrossFit

Sports: CrossFit, Weightlifting


CrossFit Trainer, Level I (November 2006)
CrossFit Trainer, Level II  (May 2007)
USAW National Level Coach (January 2011)
FRCF Master Coach (February, 2009)
CrossFit Barbell Cert  (May 2009)
CrossFit Running Coach (September 2008)
CrossFit Nutrition Cert  (February 2009)
CrossFit Gymnastics Cert  (April 2009)
CrossFit Kids Cert (April 2010)
CrossFit Football Cert (Aug 2010)
USA Weightlifting Club Coach  (June 2007)
American Kettlebell Club Coach  (October 2007)

Jodi competed in Olympic Weightlifting and won the 2007 Colorado State title in her age and weight class. By 2010, Jodi had won the 58 kg, Master’s National Olympic Weightlifting Silver Medal. She was also ranked first nationally in the 53 kg, masters 40-44 in 2010. And Jodi had won the Best Lifter award at the American Masters that year. Jodi competed in the American Open in Dec of 2010 and was one of only 5 masters lifters to qualify and compete in this National-level open competition.

Jodi is a National Level USA Weightlifting Coach and Assistant Instructor for the USAW coaches courses. Jodi assists Paul Fleschler, USAW Senior International Coach and former Olympian Weightlifter, with Olympic weightlifting workshops and the USAW courses.

Jodi has also competed in triathlon, open-water swimming, 1/2 marathons, and Kettlebell Sport. She enjoys hiking, ski mountaineering and has completed many century road bike rides.

Jodi has been CrossFitting since 2005 and competed in the 2008 CrossFit Games as an individual. She is proud to have made it to the final workout with the top 16 women in the 2008 CrossFit Games.

In addition to Jodi’s fitness background, she has her Masters in Education and 7-years experience teaching art at the public school and college level. Jodi then persued a career in graphic design and was a Marketing Director for 6 years.

Jodi and her husband Skip opened Front Range CrossFit in August of 2006 to fulfill their passion for health and fitness. Jodi brings her understanding of teamwork, motivation and the ability to teach complex movements with efficiency, to her coaching with remarkable results. Jodi is the head coach for the Olympic Weightlifting, Basic Barbell, and CrossFit Skills classes in addition to running the business behind FRCF.