Jaelyn Wolf

From:  A little bit of everywhere. Colorado has been home for over 10 years.

Currently: Denver, Boulder, Salt Lake City

Education: Bachelor’s of Science from The Colorado College, Masters of Architecture from The University of Colorado, Graduate GIS Certificate from The University of Colorado

Professionally: Photographer

Purpose: I believe in the capacity of design to bring awareness to our environments and the social and ecological communities that we engage with. It is through our spatial experiences that we begin to understand and empathize with the communities around us, thus, bringing about change in sustainable and transformative ways. I’ve found that most people only care about things that they can understand or experience, and it is my hope that by combining my passion for photography, adventure and exploration with my background in design, political science, climate change and data visualization, I can create work that is transformative and inspiring to others.

Website: www.jaelynwolf.com

Instagram: @Jaelynwolf