Bladium Sports and Fitness Club- CrossFit

With 53,000 square feet of options, there are lots of reasons people join Bladium. More importantly, there are even more reasons people stay. Here are the ones we hear the most:

There’s something special about a club where the owners not only work there, they play there. We’re you. And we’re part of the community, just like the community is part of us.

Bladium CrossFit is a fitness training program with workouts consisting of constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity.

News: Bladium Names CrossFit World Champion & Games Competitor as Director

Bladium Sports & Fitness is very pleased to announce Scott Olson as the Bladium CrossFit Director. Scott has been a competitive CrossFit athlete for more than six years and has been a coach for the Bladium CrossFit Community for three years.

A five time Games Competitor and three time World Champion, Scott’s commitment to CrossFit translates directly into success. His passion to help other athletes succeed makes him the perfect fit as Coach and Director. His expertise will help take Bladium CrossFit to the next level.